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Interlocking Stone Paver Advantages

There is no product in use today that can stand up or stand out like interlocking stone pavers.

Interlocking stone pavers provide an admirable curb appeal at the front of the house and charm and elegance around the house that might otherwise be left dull and unattractive by its inferior rivals such as concrete and asphalt.

Do something dramatic! Bleu Stone will design and install a one of a kind look that is yours alone. Call us …we’ll bring our expertise, paving samples and the fairest price to you!

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Concrete paving has been traditionally used as one of the more common paving materials due to its low cost initially. However, in reality, concrete slab will eventually crack and will need to be replaced. This leads to a higher cost in the long run. Interlocking stone pavers will not crack like concrete paving. Bleu Stone manufacturers produce pavers colored with a variety of oxides which reduce fading and keep the surface looking new; and, they meet American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards of at least 8,000 psi. This is approximately 3-4 times stronger than concrete and approximately 10 times the strength of asphalt.

Interlocking Stone Paving Company

Surface Materials Interlocking
Stone Pavers
Concrete Asphalt Brick Gravel
Interlocking Stones Cracked Concrete asphalt brick gravel
Durability High

The pavers will not crack, flake, chip, shrink or expand; they have flexibility and are permanent.


Can shrink and crack; there is no flexibility. Concrete is a poor choice for durability.

Can crack, and soften as a result of high temperatures. Asphalt is not a good material for longevity.

Can chip, mortared joints can crack. Brick is an unreliable compared with paver stones for endurance.

Is not permanent and is not a good choice for durability.
Repair High

Major advantage of interlocking paving stones, if one is damaged Just remove the stone and replace with a new one.


Major disadvantage with concrete is if the material becomes damaged with cracks or stains, the repair costs are substantial to resurface.


Stains or damage would incur substantial costs to resurface.

Stained or damaged brick is difficult to replace due to the use of mortar.

Must be filled in regularly, becomes uneven over time.
Maintenance Low

Wears well, easy to clean

Mother nature takes care of that


Stains very difficult to remove; can be hosed or powerwashed.

Stains very difficult to remove; can be hosed or powerwashed.

Stains very difficult to remove; can be hosed or powerwashed.

Maintenance requires homeowner to keep filling in gravel material.
Esthetics High

Paving stones have countless color combinations and patterns, and a diverse collection of stone finishes.

Few color choices, low visual appeal

Few color choices, low esthetics.

Limited in color choices, not much variety in shapes and sizes.

Limited color choices, low appeal and poor esthetics.

Orange County Interocking Stone Paver Company There are limitless patterns, colors, textures, shapes, sizes, and designs that can dramatically enhance the beauty your home.
South Bay Interocking Stone Paver Company Areas finished in interlock have no failure rate, no unsightly cracking or flaking. It wears well and is easy to clean – Mother Nature takes care of that!
Riverside Interocking Stone Paver Company The pavers flex with the expansion and contraction of the ground.
Los Angeles County Interocking Stone Paver Company Oil, gas, paint spills or other permanent stain or damage would incur substantial costs to fix with other resurfacing products. With interlock, just remove the stone and replace with a new one. It’s that simple – really!
Orange County Stone Paver Contractor Interlocking stone pavers are a popular alternative or enhancement to landscaping.
South Bay Stone Paver Contractor Permanence and endurance mean that paved areas never need re-paving. They are there for the duration of their lifetime guarantee!
Riverside County Stone Paver Contractor Interlocking paving stones are ideal for walkway paving, driveway paving, patio paving and pool deck paving.
Los Angeles Stone Paver Contractor Increase the value of your home.
Southern California Stone Paver Contractor Durable-will not crack, flake, chip, shrink or expand; they are flexible.
Residential Paving Company in Southern California Permeable pavers permit storm water to drain through the spaces between the paving blocks and into a subsurface detention area. From there, the water filters naturally into the ground and ultimately recharges the aquifer.

Stone paving has become a popular alternative to having vast areas of grass lawns. Stone pavers are fast becoming the architect’s choice for commercial and residential projects. Because of their low maintenance appeal with minimal upkeep, they are the perfect solution. The popularity of paving stones is expanding rapidly in the United States. Experts in the business say the market is experiencing extremely rapid growth and is poised to continue growing as the benefits of stone pavers become more well known.

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Installing interlocking stone pavers in your outdoor living area will add charm, curb appeal and increase the value of your home. The benefits of interlocking paving stones include the vast selection of design options, durability, ease of repair, resistant to cracking, and environmental friendliness.


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Interlocking Stone Paving Company

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