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Turf Overview

Bleu Stone’s “feel real” synthetic grass is the eco-friendly alternative to traditional lawns and putting greens. We install our turf using Durafill to ensure that it looks natural and beautifully maintained.

What is Durafill?

The most technologically advanced infill system on the market today is Durafill. Durafill is unique because it does not degrade over time, maintaining pellet solidity and structure. Thus, the infill never needs to be replaced once it has been placed on the turf. Pet-friendly turf benefits from Durafill because it does not absorb pet urine or waste. This helps pet turf to deflect unpleasant odors. Durafill’s ability to create permeability for artificial grass ensures that collection of rain, water, and other liquids does not build up within the grass. This prevents the growth of bacteria and spores within the artificial turf.

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