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Orange County Paving Services

Bleu Stone Pavers works with a number of different surfaces at a home. All of them benefit tremendously from our artisanal approach and decades of experience.

Driveway Paving

Driveways are notorious for being dirty. Even the most meticulous of homeowners will have a hard time keeping his/her concrete driveway clean. Our team can not only install a driveway that is easier to clean but one that adds some color and personality to a home. Visitors and potential buyers will often walk up a driveway and being one of the first aspects of a home they see, homeowners can create something truly special with the help of our team. The colors of our pavers are many and will never fade and are much more resistant to stains than is concrete. Moreover, our pavers are much more durable than concrete and will withstand greater weight and amounts of both vehicular and foot traffic.

Patio Paving

Patios are often function as a gathering place when visitors are present and might even double as a BBQ or cooking area. Patios are also great place to set up some outdoor furniture and spend some time relaxing either alone or with company. As such homeowners will often want to liven up their patios with both vibrant color and a more durable/manageable surface. Our team transforms plain patios into places full of atmosphere and life.

Pool Deck Paving

Pool decks are frequented by a great number of people, even when there is no swimming happening. With so much attention paid to this specific area, homeowners often wish they had something a little more exciting than the plain white concrete surrounding their pools. Bleu Stone Pavers can transform an ordinary pool deck into an enchanting area in which to relax, dry off, soak up the sun, eat, and even take in the night sky.


In decades past, turf was something reserved for football fields and miniature golf courses. It was rough and looked plastic. Modern turf however is indistinguishable from real grass. Bleu Stone can install turf at a home and the only people that will know that it is artificial grass are the homeowner and our team. Turf is easier to clean and less hospitable to pests, rot, molds, etc. Turf is an excellent option for homeowners whom want the beauty without the maintenance.

Walkway Paving

A walkway is a home’s extended entryway and as such should impress everyone whom walks through it. Stucco and concrete are the most common materials used in walkways but homeowners that desire something greater can opt to have custom pavers installed by our team. Bleu Stone enlivens walkways with color, superior construction materials, and expert craftsmanship.

Wall Paving

Pavers can be used to spruce up and make the walls of a home stand out. It’s not only traditional walls that benefit from pavers but the walls that form enclosures around specific areas as well. When walls are brought to life with pavers, they accentuate an already breathtaking home and add new life to homes in need of some TLC.

The Cost Of Repair

Because so many homeowners initially select concrete for home improvement projects, it’s important to note that the cost of repairing pavers is far more affordable than the costs associated with concrete repair jobs. More often than not, entire areas of damaged concrete must be reset which is extremely costly. Conversely, when a paver is damaged a mason need only remove the damaged unit and then replace it with a new one. Compounding matters, concrete is not very durable and rather inflexible which leads to a greater and more frequent need for repairs. Our pavers on the other hand will not crack, flake, chip, nor do they shrink and expand with the temperature and moisture levels.

Why Choose Bleu Stone Paving?

With so many masons to choose from it can be difficult to differentiate one firm from another. At Bleu Stone Paving we manufacture and work with pavers of all shapes, sizes, and colors and provide our customers with a multitude of different options. Additionally, our services are designed to be flexible so as to incorporate the unique needs of a specific home and its owner. Our commitment to excellence is matched only by our adherence to the highest of customer service standards. Customer satisfaction and unparalleled workmanship form the basis of our operation. Bleu Stone’s 30 years of success are a result of the passion we have for masonry, our eye for detail, and integrity. When you want the best, Bleu Stone Paving is the Orange County paving company for you.

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