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Interlocking Stone Pavers That Stand Up and Stand Out

Bleu Stone Pavers

A home should not only be comfortable and warm but exude beauty as well. There are a number of things homeowners can do in order to beautify their home and make it a neighborhood standout. One of the most popular ways to improve a home and make it more valuable in the process is paving. Masonry work often accompanies the home improvement projects homeowners engage in after decades of residence, when they are moving into a new home, and even when they decide to put their home on the market.

Homeowners in Southern California will need reputable Southern California Pavers to help them in improving, re-imagining, and revitalizing their homes. This is where Bleu Stone Pavers enters the conversation. Specializing in the design and installation of interlocking paving stones, Bleu Stone’s origins lie in the beautiful and cold country of Canada. It was here that founder Peter Mack became a seasoned mason and then decided to move himself and Bleu Stone to Southern California.

Bleu Stone Paving has been a staple of Southern California masonry since 1990 and in that time has earned a reputation as being an industry leader in both quality of work and artistic vision/expression. The staff at Blue Stone has helped countless homeowners rework and improve their homes.

The Bleu Stone Advantage

Part of what makes Bleu Stone Pavers so special and helps set us apart from our competitors is our ability to craft designs that are entirely unique to a specific home. When our staff first consults with a homeowner they will discuss desire, need, and budget in order to begin formulating a plan for their home. We take to heart everything a homeowner expresses and then bolster those ideas with our own suggestions and expertise. Additionally, homeowners will have the opportunity to look over a large number of paving options in the early going. Through these initial conversations idiosyncratic designs are born and then made part of a home.

When a homeowner hires Bleu Stone Paving to handle their masonry work, they not only get a staff of skilled professionals attentive to their needs but they will also be getting a finished product that won’t crack nor fade. Furthermore, Bleu Stone masons manufacture paving in a multitude of different colors and finishes that work to protect that which is being installed at its customers homes. More to the point, the products Bleu Stone creates meet American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards of at least 8,000 psi. All of our materials are 3 to 4 times stronger than concrete and 10 times the strength of asphalt.

Who is Bleu Stone Pavers?

We are devoted to providing unwavering principles of quality, integrity, and value. Interlocking paving stone is our specialty, and we offer exceptional results at an affordable cost.

Customers First

Client satisfaction is viewed as our single most important goal. Supervision by a highly trained staff member is one of the foundations Bleu Stone prides itself on.

Highly Customizable

The patterns and color combinations are endless. Paving stones are produced from natural stone and add greater beauty and value to your home.

Lifetime Warranty

Our work is guaranteed and we offer a lifetime warranty against breaking or cracking with each and every installation.

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